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Khadar Heban
18 May 2015
Freshman Seminar Auto Insurance for Teens

1. See if it's cheaper to add your teen to your policy, or to purchase a separate policy. In most cases, the first option is less expensive. This is especially true if your carrier permits you to assign your teen to the car that's least costly to insure; if you do so, make sure your teen primarily drives that vehicle.
2. To save money on teen car insurance you need to go to comparison shop to find the best rates, with so much competition between insurance carriers and the ease of obtaining online car insurance quotes. You can also look for teen driver discounts by t aking a driver safety education course, having a good report card, Insurers usually offer savings for teens who've gotten at least a "B" average, and low annual mileage. Add teen to your policy, chose a car wisely, and stress free driving.
3. By adding your teen to your policy you could get a discount for insuring multiple vehicles with the same company. Ask about this discount if your teen has his or her own car. .Consider sensible vehicles with high safety ratings over flashy, expensive rides, which cost more to insure. Talk to your agent about increasing your deductible.
Typically, you can get lower premiums by increasing your deductible; just make sure you can afford to pay the deductible in the event of an incident.
4. It’s important to notify your car insurance provider when you have a teen