Autobiographical Psychosocial History Essay

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Autobiographical Psychosocial History
Stephanie Reynolds
Sheere Earle
July 14, 2013

The five concepts that I have chosen are coping with stress, parenting styles, prejudice, satisfying our needs, and the liking and loving concepts. I feel that if we can learn how to handle these concepts correctly then we can be successful in life. When I was growing up my parents used the punishment concept with my brothers and I. Anytime we done something wrong we got punished with a spanking, timeout, or something was taken away. I feel my parents used that concept because that is how they were raised and they felt it worked for them. I feel sometimes for us though it did not work. For example, I can remember having a curfew and I broke it many times, even though I knew I would be punished. For me as a parent I have also been using the punishment parenting style with my children, but after taking this course it has opened my eyes to try to use something besides punishment. I think I am going to see if reinforcement work better, because when I punish my children 5 minutes later they are getting in trouble again for the same thing. After me reading the reading materials from chapter 5 this week I realize it is time for me to try some new tactics with my children. I believe if I start using some reinforcements instead of punishing them for their behaviors, the outcomes will get better and they will listen better. Stress is something that we all go through on a daily basis. I sometimes stay really stressed at times, because I am a full time mom, I babysit, I do all the household chores, and I am a full time student. I feel sometimes that I have way too much on my plate, and feel that I never get anything accomplished. After reading and rereading the materials provided in this course, I have learned some really good tips that can help me cope with my stress. I have started trying to incorporate some of the things to help me cope also. One of the techniques that I am trying to incorporate would be me making sure I maintain a healthier diet. I feel I can maintain a healthier diet not only will be healthier but it can also help reduce my stress. Another one I am trying to incorporate would be when I start feeling the stress coming on no matter what I am doing, get up and take a break. Anytime you are struggling it is best for us to take a break and come back with a refreshed mind. The smallest things most of the time can stress me out, but after taking this class I have learned some great techniques to help me cope with stress. I also learned that stress is not always a bad thing, and that sometimes without stress we would have the motivation we need to complete things. The reading in week nine showed us that there are four sources of prejudice. The four sources of prejudice are psychological, social, economic, and cultural. I think that I have seen in my life with myself and others would be conformity. People are so worried about not fitting in with the crowds that they try to do all they can to be in the clicks. I was never a popular kid in school and it never