Autobiographies In The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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In 1818 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Frederick Douglass was born. He was born a slave to a slave woman and to his mother’s white master. When he was 20 years old he escaped slavery and went off to become an important, author, abolitionist, and orator. During his life, he was known as an important anti­slavery activist. He wrote three autobiographies which are now important views of slavery from a former slave.
For 16 years Frederick was an editor for a newspaper that spoke about racism and slavery being wrong. Through him working for the newspaper, he had become famous around the world for being an influential public speaker and author. Frederick gave hope to African­Americans around the world by convincing many people that racism and
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After Frederick had escaped slavery, later in 1845, he wrote an exceedingly essential autobiography, “Narrative of the Life of
Frederick Douglass, an American Slave,” which was about all of Frederick’s life as a slave. After his first autobiography was a success he then went off to write two more autobiographies about slavery. Frederick’s three autobiographies are a huge

contribution to black history, today. Frederick’s main reason for writing