Autobiography: Debut Albums and Biggest Milestone Birthdays Essay

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You know you are old! Now, ten years old is considering a milestone birthday, but as a kid it really means nothing to us. After just recently hitting my 20th birthday I can honestly say I now know why people use the term, "old as dirt!" I know, 20 is not old at all but it doesn't go without saying, that I am no long a teenager and it is quite weird....

Today, my beautiful Mom celebrates one of the biggest milestone birthdays a person is considered to have. I'm going to break one of the 'unwritten woman's' rule right now and say how old she is turning.... The old gal is the big 5-0 today! Which, also in the unwritten rules, is considered another 30th birthday... By no means does she look 50 or act like it for that matter so I don't know what the big fuss is about.

My mom and I are extremely close, we are each others best friends (apart from our actual best friends) and when I look back to see how our relationship was growing up I could have never guessed we would ever be this close. Not in a million years.

My Junior year in high school is when everything changed. (I will make sure to have a separate post for this story because it is full of betrayal and plot twists and so on.) But my mom became the only person I could rely on during those times and it in turn brought us to where we are now. I have realized when you share a life changed experience with someone you tend to remain bonded with that person no matter what because deep down you always know, they get and understand you better then anyone else could.

Mojo, as I lovingly call her, is a high school Graphic Design teacher who 'adopts' more students as her children that I think she forgets that she still has my sister and me... I have never seen someone be so passionate about teaching and love her students just as much as