Autobiography: Great Depression and Welfare Essay

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(Life, Liberty, and THE PURSUIT of Happiness)

In this paper you will learn about the positive impacts of welfare not only within America. Welfare ranges in many different categories and assists individuals and families who are suffering through different lifestyle changes, but the ultimate goal of welfare is to aid those families or individuals in need as well as those families whose household income is under a certain amount. We know welfare is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness to a group of individuals, but as we all know with the good comes the bad. This paper will review the negative as well as the positive impacts of welfare with in the USA and what possible solutions’ can be established to make welfare an asset to our country for the good of the people within our country. Millions of American’s rely on the welfare system as a temporary fix to the hardship changes in their life until they can get themselves in a position to care for their selves and families without the help of the welfare system.

INTRODUCTION Welfare; is the well being and social support for all citizens, also known as public aid. Most countries that have an established government public assistance are provided by the government. In this paper I will discuss many topics good and bad about the welfare system. Many Americans have a very strong opinion of the welfare system either because of beliefs, political view, personally associated with the welfare system, or know of a loved one that is a recipient of the welfare system. My thoughts and views will be inputted within this paper, I have statistics that back up my arguments. Its important for everyone to understand what the welfare system is all about and not just knowing the meaning but actually breaking it down and knowing where the funds allocate from, who is eligible, and most importantly how it has a positive and negative effect of the people of America. A lot of tax payer money gets spent funding the welfare system; I want to focus this paper on addressing the common unknown statistics and important information both negative as well as positive that people of America have failed to recognize. My goal is not to change your views as a reader, but more of to enlighten those who do not know and inspire those who do not care. It is important to know that every individual in America young or old is impacted some way by Welfare either assistance of spending, whether you are on the receiving end or paying end it has somewhat of a degree of affect on your quality of life.
This will also introduce the climax of the Great Depression in which the welfare system was established. The quality of life was unbelievable in the sense of poverty. It spread like a plague through the nation hitting home by home, business by business, and family by family. There are many aspects and branches of welfare and I will discuss each briefly, but the main focus is to bring the problems of the welfare system to light and breakdown many different possible solutions to each problem. As years have passed it seems as if each President has his own views on the welfare program and determining what is the best solution to suppress the outstanding demand for welfare. Each year from the time welfare was created I found through my research I have that there is a significant problem on determining an accurate budget for welfare each year. Later in my paper I will breakdown those numbers and statistics in the current issue portion of this paper. Overall government spending is the largest and most sought out problem with the welfare system. In this paper I will show you what the current problems are and how some problems still exists from over the years. I will also be covering possible solutions from a research I have conducted not so much forming a hypothesis, but allowing others who have different political views, and different social beliefs give me their honest