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Autobiography My name is Winnie Su. I was born in Guangzhou, China. My family and I immigrated to Canada since I was nine years old. I currently live in Richmond Hill with my dad, mom, a three year-old sister and a two year-old brother. My mom is an accountant in China. My dad is the CEO of a company. The first school I attended in Canada is named, “ West Kent Elementary School” in Charlottetown, P.E.I. The second school I went to is named, “ Bayview Hill Elementary School” in Richmond Hill, ON. The school I am currently in is named, “ Bayview Secondary School” in Richmond Hill, ON, and my current grade is 11. My hobbies are reading, taking care of my siblings when my dad is cooking, playing badminton with my friends, and playing video games. My favourite computer game is, “ The Sims 3”.
On August 19-23 I worked with the NOW Program (Newcomer Orientation Week), which was to help the newcomer students to understand our school, and I get paid. I volunteered at “William School” which is located at 3761 Victoria Park Ave. My job was a teachers’ assistant, I cleaned whiteboards, and desks, refilled photocopy paper, and took attendance. I also volunteered at Richmond Hill Winter Carnival in the beginning of February. I assisted with food preparation, coordinated food delivery with customer service, and administrated carnival games for children ages three years old to eight years old. I interest a career field is the airport, because I want to repair airplanes. I chose Co-op