Autobiography Of A Baby

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Hi, my name is Lexus Davis. I am 24 years old, and I am on my last year of college. I’m also about to have my first kid, it’s going to be a baby girl; I’m naming her Isabella Nicole. I am due in about a month; I plan on giving birth at St. Lukes Hospital.
While I am in labor I don’t want everyone there I just want my close family, in-laws, and my best friend, and of course my husband. Now when I am giving birth I would like to have my mom Teresa and my husband in the room.
When I am in labor I would like to go as long as possible without pain medicine. So going without pain medicine that means when I am at my house and I get contractions but my water doesn’t break I would like to use the yoga ball and roll on that and try and keep clam in anyway I could, so I won’t stress me nor my baby out and cause complications in the end. Now when my water breaks or I have to go to the hospital I would like to see if I could do it without any medicine but if it is the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore, I would like to have an Epidural. But I honestly want to be able to do whatever I want to make me comfortable to me while I am in labor so I would wait till the last minute to get the epidural.
When I get to the hospital I am going to have a nurse come in a ask how I am doing every once in a while, when the nurse is checking me in I would like her to use the waist belt strapped to monitor Isabella’s heart rate. Now again I would tell