Autobiography: Pontiac High School Essay

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Breianca Wright

I was born on a hot day in august 22,1997 to Tonja Wright and Jamal Keesee in pontiac michigan, at the doctors hospital. i still live in pontiac michigan, and i go to school at pontiac high school (PHS). I live with my granny and sometimes with my mother and brother. when i was born i was the only child on my mothers side of the family and the third oldest on my fathers side. i have two big sisters named, Gigi and nina,i also have two younger sisters named markayla , and samaiya. i have four little brothers jamal, maruis, marzell, and anthony (my mothers son). my big sister gigi is my favorite sibling she is the best and the one that knows me best. I started school at baldwin early learning center. i went to frost, purdue, franklin,will rogers, and ATAP, I went to these school from the years preschool ­ the middle of seventh grade. Things that always stood out about me is that im outspoken and speaking my mind and my potential, and smart, just very talkative.
Seventh grade i started school at Pontiac Middle School (PMS), it was very different, from the charter school i had came from. Eighth grade, i got most improved student award. My eighth grade year i was awarded with 8 awards. I have two student of the month awards, with three certificate of special congressional resignation. One youth recognition award, outstanding student award with my certificate of promotion. I also have four awards from northeast oakland technical school. One award is for finishing my core task and the other was for finishing my pathway task. I have many special skills, the special skill that i am most proud of is my skill of being a fast learner; if someone shows me how to do something once, and they take their time i can remember everything. I have a skill in computers, i can type
76 words per minute, i also have two…