Autobiography Rough Draft Essay

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About just 10 years ago, the world was so different from nowadays. As you can see, people use technologies as an essentials thing in life. Kids used or participate more in outdoor activities and hang out with friends than now. More surprisingly, even 3 years old toddler adapts at using IPad. But everything has two faces. To me, using technologies has brought my life to another page. Going with these experiences, I have three stories which are turning points. First of all, Yahoo Messenger was so famous when I was 7th grade. It was a trend and everybody started using it. People was really amazed by the app. To me, talking without seeing face and typing instead of speaking just liked a miracle things. I used it every day after school because I didn’t have a phone. I and friends chatted about all the things happened. Interestingly enough, people created their names for showing their uniqueness. It was so awesome how just based on the creative name, you can somehow know their personalities. Secondly, beside Yahoo Messenger, Facebook is a social network that has been using by people around the world since 2006. It can be say that one of the most important thing that change the whole world. Facebook has changed the way people used to communicate with others. It can be considered as a tool to facilitate the information flow between users and companies, family members, professional connections. It is so great, all people I know are on Facebook even though they can be thousand miles away. I still need to know what is going on with their lives, to maintain our connection. All I need to do is sitting in a comfortable chair and logging on Facebook, talking with them and go through the new feeds. Furthermore, Facebook has also plays an important role in changing how I judge and evaluate others. Like one of my close friend, she made a mistake which was writing her sensitive story between her and her boyfriend on Facebook. And guess what? On the next morning she went to school, everybody was talking how bad it is. The story had went around for month and she was so upset about it. She didn’t expected the