Autobiography: Want and Things Essay

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Things I would like to be better at

There are many different things that I’d like to be better at, I know how to do a lot of things but I want to improve on them. One thing I want to improve on is how I play sports. I don’t suck at sports but i also don’t rock. The three main sports that i want to improve on are basketball, soccer, and volleyball because those are usually the sports that everyone plays and it would be nice to be good at one of them. i want to be better at sports because i don’t really like making a fool out myself in front of everyone and its embarrassing how in school our class has gym with the sports academy kids. In gym class we could be playing a sport or a game and people are depending on you to help them out but you’re not that good at the sport or game. Another thing i’d like to be good at is decorating pastries like cupcakes and cakes. I want to be better at that because i think doing that is pretty neat how you could do a bunch of drawings and decorations with frosting and things like that. Something that would be really important for me to improve on would be being confident. What i mean by being confident is knowing how to speak infront of people and not being afraid of getting judged. I need to improve on being confident because im not good at getting up infront of a class and speaking. Also im not confident to do things that i know ill be judged about in front of people. I need to improve on confidence because i don’t like being the girl