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Protect broilers/chickens in automated bleeding operations 2 Provisional 2 Assessment Criteria The learner can: 1.1 1.2 Check that routine maintenance and cleaning of the bleeding system are carried out Check and adjust the automatic neck cutter system including  bleed time  speed  cutting height  pitch Monitor birds to ensure that the automatic neck cutter system severs the arteries and that there are no signs of recovery Take action to deal with birds that show signs of recovery Follow FBO’s procedures to commence operations operate the system and deal with birds that are not bled effectively. State the responsibilities that must be fulfilled under animal welfare regulations for the bleeding of birds State the behavioural characteristics of birds in bleeding operations Outline why it is important to minimise avoidable pain, suffering and stress State how to recognise signs of  consciousness  sensibility  effective killing State how bleeding kills the bird, and which arteries must be severed State why bleeding should produce a rapid loss of blood and what should be done if this does not happen Describe how to carry out a back-up killing

Learning Outcomes The learner will: 1. Prepare and operate automated operations and monitor bird protection in accordance with Food Business Operator’s (FBO’s) procedures


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2. Understand how to protect birds in automated bleeding operations in accordance with FBO’s procedures


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Unit of Assessment in Animal Protec tion for Food Operations © I mprove 3rd Draft June 2011

method and the circumstances in which this would be necessary 2.8 Outline the FBO’s procedures for protecting birds and operating the automated bleeding system.

Additional information about the unit Unit purpose and aim(s) This unit supports workforce development for those whose role includes responsibilities for the protection of broilers/chickens in automated bleeding operations. The unit is designed for use by operatives and others who carry out these workplace activities. The aim of the unit is to determine competent performance to recognised National Occupational Standards. This unit meets the requirements of EU regulation 1099/2009 for the protection of animals at time of killing. Five years from date of accreditation This unit of assessment relates directly to Improve National Occupational Standards; MP.112S Operate a poultry bleeding system MP.113K Understand how to operate a poultry bleeding system This unit is designed to assess the skills and knowledge of learners in the workplace for those whose role includes responsibilities for the protection of broilers/chickens in automated bleeding operations. The learner must be able to demonstrate their competent