Essay on Automobile and Brisk Sunday Evening

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All That Remains
James Alexander
March 6th 2014

It was a brisk Sunday evening as Damien drove his parents 1986 Ford Taurus down 4th street. He had just got his beginners drivers license and he was more than exited to take the car for a spin. With all the hysteria over this new virus that was going around it was nice for him to get away. Damien’s initial plan to spend his Sunday night was to meet up with his best friend Kyle but he was in the hospital because some crazy man had bitten him on the arm on his way to school. Instead Damien decided to head over to the local movie rental store that was only half a block away. Damien flicked his turn signal on and took a left onto 6th street when what looked to be a man stepped in front of the car causing him to swerve of the road and over an embankment. The car tumbled down the hill until it finally stopped upside down. The car was a smoking wreck and Damien was unconscious.
When he finally woke up he noticed he was still strapped into his seat belt. He attempted to unbuckle himself with no success. The seat was jammed. When he finally found his bearings he noticed that a person was stumbling around outside of his upside down car. Damien called out for help “Help! I’m stuck under hear! Please!” The man turned and began stumbling over to the wreck. “Sir my seatbelt is jammed you need to call the police” Damien yelled out but the man didn’t respond but continued to make his way towards the car. As the man came closer Damien noticed that the man was moaning almost as if he was in pain. The man finally reached the car and bent over and that is when Damien realized that man that he thought was coming to help him was there to attack him. He was pail and reeked of rotting flesh, his face was distorted and bloodied and his cloths were tattered and covered in dried blood. The man looked dead. He was missing one arm but he swung his other arm violently at Damien. Horrified, he attempted again to unbuckle the seatbelt but it wouldn’t budge. Before giving up he remembered his small multi-tool in his back pocket. He reached back into his pocket but the multi-tool was missing it had fallen out during the crash. The man was still swinging at Damien and squeezing its body through the passenger door tearing its own skin on the broken glass that lined the window. It gargled and moaned spitting blood out of its broken jaw. Damien looked over and saw the multi-tool a few inches away from the pursuing man. Damien stretched his arm towards the multi-tool, his hand was only a centimeter away. The intruder lunged at Damien knocking the tool into the grasp of his hand. Damien began sawing away at the seatbelt but the attacker was getting closer. The seatbelt finally gave way but as Damien climbed out the window he tore his leg open on a shard of glass protruding from the broken window. Damien made his way back up the embankment towards the road, dragging his bleeding leg. His head hurt and he probably had a concussion but his biggest worry was getting his leg bandaged up. The blood had already soaked through his pants and the gash was a good inch deep. When he finally made it to the road he noticed something wasn’t right. The street was deserted. Broken down and crashed cars littered the streets and military trucks were abandoned. Damien heard a series of moaning looked over to see people walking hastily towards him. These people weren’t alive, they were dead people walking! Damien rushed as fast as he could toward the nearest house open the door and slammed it behind himself. “Hello?” he yelled up the stairs “is anyone home?” He heard shuffling down the hall and as he turned the corner Damien was met by an older looking man with gray hair holding a shotgun towards his head. Behind him stood a younger looking man who looked to be in his late twenty’s. “What do you want?” the older man said to Damien in a hushed voice “I’m just looking for help” said Damien nervously “my car crashed down the…