Automobile and Lexus Gs Essay

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Lexus GS400 Review The Lexus GS model is by far my favorite model Lexus has made. I own a 99 Lexus GS400 with a v8 motor. Are you the type of driver who is into import cars? With all the luxurious features they come with? The GS400 comes with Navigation, Cruise Control, Subwoofer and an amp. There are many things you can do to an import car to make them faster, better handling, and even more luxury then what it comes with, without breaking your bank. Reliability is what I look for when I look for a car and Lexus has proven to me that they are thinking of the consumers when building these great automobiles. My GS currently has over 200k miles and is still running like a champ with minor maintenance such as regular oil changes, filter changes, and timing belt replacement which you can do at home with basic automobile experience. The Lexus GS I own has always started without a problem, and as quick as ever. Lexus are known for their luxury features such as leather seats, navigation, and a great sound system. Even though not all cars come with it, spending a little bit more money can give you all that you need. My Lexus GS comes with seat heaters, navigation, subwoofers, amps, and a very comfortable all leather chairs that you can adjust to your liking. Not only is the GS has many gadgets in the car but the car is also very roomy. They’re plenty of room in both front and back seats; you can have a full car and still be comfortable. Not only are the seats roomy but the trunk has plenty of space you can store your belongings in. There are many modifications you can do to your car at home. Almost all the modifications you can do at home unlike some foreign cars like the BMW, Mercedes, and Audis which you would have a shop do it. Import cars such as Hondas and Toyotas…