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As my softball coach always says, “If you’re not moving your feet, you’re doing something wrong.” Thanks to that motivational quotation, and my amazing coach, I put all my effort into everything I every time I step foot on a softball field. I have been working with Coach Bernie for at least a year now and it’s astonishing how much skill I have gained, how much I have learned, and how much I realized I love the game in the time that he’s had me under his wing. He has helped me tremendously with not only what I struggle with, but what I can do better as well. He’s always willing to do more than what you expect him to do as a coach. I never feel embarrassed to go to him with a question or idea, as I was with previous coaches. There is no better feeling than being able to communicate with your coach. If I was to be a coach, of any sport, I would love to be like him; to have his attitude and to want the best of everyone. As a coach I believe it is important to show dedication, care, and loyalty towards the players. Those are traits that my coach expresses every time my team and I hit the field. He can spot out everything I am doing incorrectly, and he makes no hesitation to not only correct me, but explain why what I did was wrong and how to improve. I remember when I first started on his team and I was struggling a great deal with fielding backhands. I would miss every time and just want to break down and quit. Coach saw my frustration and came right over to me. He explained that I was reaching too far to grab the ball, and that I just needed to take another step. I was still very uncomfortable and hesitant to try it, but now, however, every time it is necessary to field a backhand, I go through the correct motion and most of the time I am successful. That is another thing about Coach Bernie that allows him to stand out as