Autumn: Frankenstein Journal Entry Essay

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AP Composition
3 September 2013
Frankenstein Journal Entry #3: Reflection At the beginning of this book, I thought it was going to be a lot like all of the other books that were assigned to me in other English classes, hard to read. However, the story really interested me, to start off, I never knew that Frankenstein was the creator of the monster, not really the monster himself, which was something very surprising. The story itself was so tragic and dark, and despite my initial thoughts that disliked the monster and the death he brought, by the end I found myself sympathizing with his isolated existence. The monster was intelligent; he could speak the human language, he knew how to torture his creator, Victor Frankenstein, but also he himself was aware of how abominable of an existence he was while committing those awful acts. Frankenstein, the creator, was a very puzzling existence in the book for me. He was intelligent and obsessive over knowledge, he even discovered the secret to animating dead flesh, yet he could not understand the monster’s feelings of isolation in the human world. He could not understand why the monster would need a mate for love, and he saw the “woman” monster to be only a partner in the countless deaths that they would commit. I believed that Frankenstein’s creation was telling the truth of their living in isolation away from humankind. On the other hand, I understood Victor’s obsession for vengeance towards the end of the novel, I could not imagine what it must feel like to lose the best friend who nursed him back to good health after he fell…