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Vasco Nunez de Balboa There were many Spanish explorers in the 16th century, but which of those explorers was the first to see the Pacific Ocean? This explorer was Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Because of Balboa’s courage and stamina he was the first European to spy the Mar Del Sur or “Southern Sea.” Balboa also helped establish the town of Darien on the Isthmus of Panama. “Vasco Nunez de Balboa had married the indian chief Chima’s daughter, who he had met on his second voyage”. In 1500, after Christopher Columbus’ voyages Balboa was motivated by King Ferdinand V to embark on Rodrigo de Bastidas’ expedition to the Americas. He was joined on the voyage by his financial partner, Juan de la Cosa. By 1501 the expedition had crossed the Caribbean coasts east of Panama and then on to the east north of South America. Bastidas soon realized they didn’t have enough men to reach their destination, so he decided to sail to Hispaniola. Balboa decided to settle in Hispaniola in 1505 where he stayed for many years as a farmer and pig rancher. Soon after there he was so in debt that he was forced to abandon life on the island. In 1509 to escape his creditors in Santo Domingo, Balboa set sail as a stowaway with his dog Leoncico. He hid in a barrel with his dog in order to stay on the ship. Before the expedition arrived at San Sebastian de Uraba, the captain, Fernandez de Enciso discovered Balboa aboard the ship and threatened to leave him on an uninhabited island. Enciso, later thought better of it and used the knowledge of the area that Balboa had learned eight years before to his advantage. By 1513 Balboa had become an important and powerful man in Hispaniola. Balboa decided that he could become richer and more famous by leading an expedition to find an short overland route from Hispaniola to Mar del Sur. Before Balboa could go on this new expedition he had to get the money, men and ammunition. These supplies were provided by King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella of Spain. Balboa took 190 of his most loyal soldiers to protect him from hostile Indian tribes on the trip. This expedition was meant to open up a profitable new land and a new route to the Southern Sea for the Spanish. Balboa also wanted the distinction of finding a quick overland route to the ocean in hopes of being rewarded by