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Matthew Tuszynski

Objective-C paper

When we learn about The American Revolution we are taught about the locations, battles and the famous patriots who participated in though famous places. We rarely hear the story of the every man of the revelation, the every day citetzion who’s story’s rarely get told. Even though these type of people drove the revelation and had a hand in many aspects they are over looked by many educating institutions. The story of “George Robert Twelves Hewes” give use the rarly seen perspective of the revolution through the eyes of the average person. Even though putting Hewes next to George Washington makes him seem like he had no role in the revolution, in reality he was at several historical point in the revition.

From Start to finnish the American revolution has been glamorize and hipped up in every posable way. We are lead to bleave by text books and movies that every man, woman and child had the glimmer of bald eagles and eyes as they fought for freedom. But what was the true motivation of the average persone of the time, living under the British. Hewes show both sides of what drove people to revolt against the king. Revolutions do not just spark out of no wear, rather they slowly heat up until the people deside they have had it with their Government. One of the kindlings for the revtion for Hewes and other people of Boston were the British troops that occupied their city. The troop that occupied the city gave great grief to the people, Hewes would witness solder going sneaking up to a woman to perform a lewd act without her permission. Solder would cheat store out their money by not paying their bill and if you tried to collect you like one kid tried, got beaten. One most hated thing that we fined was to never happen again with the 3th amendment was the quartering troops in peoples houses. The people of Boston forced to house the soder, but they all so had feed them and all this was out of pocket. Something that frightened Hewes was the British punishment other own soldiers, were one was flogged for not paying Hewes bill. This type of violence would be mered by the event that set fire to the revolution.

Hewes did not only witness Boston massacre but was next to one man who was fatally shot. Hewes is not your typical American of the time. He was able to be politically active and informed because he was able to close his shop for a few hour and attend political forms. Unlike farmers who could not afforded to leav their land to attend such discussions in the city. Boston was not like many other cities because