Ct4 Case Study Model

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Modify Cessna 182 default panel
When I started I wanted to keep the basic panel shape the same and just change the location of instruments .I wanted to put the instruments that are related together or closer to each other, the reason I change the DI to HSI due to reduce work load and improve tracking VOR in instrument flying and also in case of an emergency situation for example flying limited panel in cloud all of the required instruments that are necessary to keep the aircraft under control are all together and the pilot will be able to maintain there scan easily. That’s why I put the ADF on left side of HIS for the same reason. I moved the turn coordinator to right hand side, so it will easy to see during the flight. I put the timer and the DME on the top of the control panel just to make it easier for the pilot to find and see during the instrument approach. For the location of the monitoring instruments such as fuel flow, T’s, P’s, vacuum, Amps and fuel quantity, I putted them all together on the left hand side , which is right in front of the pilot, so when we go through the check, its quite easy to check and monitor. The main aim of my changes was to make the panel easier to use and help improve the awareness of the pilot, which in turn will reduce errors and improve safety. I just change the specification regarding to Ct4 model specification in study guide by airedit and notepad and tested in FS2004. There was such improvement in