Essay on Aviation Security

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This paper aims to address the impact of aviation security systems at airports which are implemented through controlled security programmes. It is without a doubt that our society has patterned to continually evolve into a technologically-based information age. With the ease of acquiring information even for the ‘average joe’ today, governing authorities must respond by continually placing newer and improved security systems, particularly in the aviation industry.
Jones (2002) describes technology as a pillar of counter-terrorism, and suggests that significant attacks expand the array of technology initiatives required. Advances in technology include airport baggage screening, postal
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This posed as a problem in security because a large portion of guns manufactured from the United States were made from nonferrous metals for ‘light weight’ purposes and therefore, could easily remain undetected.
In terms of how the legislative framework of screening in airports has been impacted, an iconic event was the 'Lockerbie Bombings' of December 21, 1988. A concealed explosive on-board a Pan American Airliner flight 103 was detonation over-head the town of Lockerbie, Scotland via a timing device. Casualties included all 259 passengers and crew on-board, as well as 11 residents on ground. Investigations found 'plastic explosives' stowed away in passenger luggage (Beveridge, 1992).
According to Moore (1991) it was the close-relatives of those victimised on-board Pan Am 103 who played a large role in getting authorities to address security issues by improving and creating change, from a legislative view-point. As a result, the ‘President’s Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism’ was established in May of 1990, a report of over 60 recommendations serving as potential solutions to seeming vulnerabilities in security. Six months after the issuance of the report, congress and the authorities reacted quickly in passing the Aviation Security Improvement Act of 1990, where most of the recommendations of the