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The government is fighting a new war, and it's called obesity. Government should have a perspective in our diets when so many people are eating unhealthily, and putting their lives and their children' lives in danger. Many people will argue that it is freedom of choice to eat whatever you want, but the government has a right to interfere with that freedom if it is infringing upon the rights of others. The government tells us what we can and cannot consume regarding drugs, and most people support initiatives to cut our smoking behaviors, why not extend this to nutrition…if this is a positive change why do not accept it. The government is supporting the people by trying to give us a healthier lifestyle. The 60% of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Over 25% of Americans consume fast food every day. The number of people suffering from obesity is rising. Obesity can cause a person many medical complications in their lifetime. These medical complications mean that there will be more trips to hospitals which can cause insurance rates to go up, affecting a large number of people. Obesity also causes other expenses for the nation such as needing to pay for larger seats, hospital beds, etc. To fit the rising number of obese individuals. I have seen to many people go to soon because of a lack of healthy nutrients and lack of an overall understanding of what a healthy diet is. I believe letting the government have more than a little say in what we eat is the first step towards a healthier America. Once most of our population is around the "healthy" range the government won't have to be in our dietary business.

People have shown they haven’t got the skills to make the right health choices America is number two in world obesity. This statistic doesn’t surprise many people, yet they still do nothing in its power to change it. Even when the U.S. government tries anything, the people, being ignorant, tell the very government that is helping them to back off and stop “taking away their freedom.” By making laws against fat foods, the government will create a better image for the United States and also keep obese people healthy. Not everything is about us. Sometimes, we tend to think that we should be in the center of our lives, and our every action should be to make this possible. We don’t look around and see people who are suffering through obesity. We only look out for what we want and what is best for us and us alone. We see an obese person, and we just scoot a bit away from them, sometimes feeling bad, but other times feeling disgusted. We should strive to keep not only ourselves healthy, but also our neighbor. Most of us skinny people have never experienced being obese in our lives. Never have we ever been rejected by people by the number that shows up in our weighing machine. We have never walked around and been tired by the time we get to the next block. Never have we ever wanted to cry every timewe saw ourselves in the mirror. This is the sort of pain that some obese people in America go through.

New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg proposes to cut down on the sales of large soda items at restaurants, movie theatres and by street vendors in an attempt to