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Ray Perez
Ms. Raigoza
English III
30 May 2012
Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Headed Research Paper
Martin Luther King Jr. was a great leader for the Civil Rights Movement for African Americans. His leadership qualities such as vision, integrity, concern, creativity and courage were of great importance for him to lead so many people. With these many qualities helped King to become a catalyst for change for the equal rights of all African Americans. To write such strong and challenging letters such as his letter from Birmingham jail or go out in front of thousands of people to preach his I Have a Dream speech, which changed the lives of many people, king had to posses great leadership qualities. Many people might know Martin Luther King, Jr. as the leader of the Civil Rights Movement and his momentous I Have a Dream speech. However, not many are aware that King was the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner for his actions for this struggle to end segregation. Dr. King also fought for the rights of the poor and opposed the Vietnam War because of his belief of reaching an agreement without violence. The purpose of this paper is to understand the unknown of Martin Luther King, Jr. by understanding his views as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, which characteristics made him a catalyst for change, and understanding his struggles for the Civil Rights Movement. As you go along I will be answering a series of questions to understand a deeper knowledge of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These questions are the following, what were King’s most significant accomplishments? Why do his writings continue to be studied? Why were his works controversial? Secondly, which of the leader’s personal characteristics seem to be most important for his success as a catalyst for changes? Also, what did I, as the author of this paper learn about myself as the research, reading, and writing for this assignment progressed? Finally, what conclusions can be drawn from this research?
Section II. During the time of the Civil Rights Movement and before, Martin Luther King, Jr. faced many difficult obstacles but over came them somehow. Because King was a powerful social figure he was able to accomplish a great deal by creating non violent social gatherings and continued for his struggle for equal rights of African Americans peacefully. Much of Martin Luther’s work was controversial during the time he lived. People opposed Martin Luther because they believed African Americans did not deserve equal rights and for whites to remain superior. King’s ideas were important for the time in which he lived, and they would be important today because this nation it called the United States of America. What is a united nation without the people within being united as well? King’s most important accomplishment was his movement for equality of all African Americans because without his struggle for equality the United States wouldn’t be what it is today; a proud united country. For Martin Luther King, Jr. it will be his writings that live on. This is because his writings will inspire generations to come; Not only his writings but his peaceful and non-violent protests. The most significant problem Martin Luther King, Jr. faced was being arrested for leading a peaceful march in Birmingham, Alabama because it showed that the people felt aggravated form these marches of freedom even though they were led peacefully. While in custody Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote a very strong letter to three clergy men asking to stop his protests in Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. states that there are two types of laws, a just and unjust laws(par.15) due to him being in custody for leading a peaceful march.
Section III. There have been many great leaders in our past, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader for the Civil Rights Movement. What made this leader to move forward with his beliefs were his characteristics such as being concerned for others, being courageous and