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Format: Project type: 1080i/59.94
To open Bins double click.
Bins are like folders. at the bottom of bins you can change how you see the bin. first icon at bottom of Bin if called quick menu (aka hamburger menu) gives options for the windows that you are in next one over is the ifo view top bar can add information or take away information next one over is the icon view fill window (right click), so you can see everything
Command+K makes everything smaller
Command+L makes everything bigger
Select all clips and click L to play next one over is the script view, which is a mix between the info and icon view gives you a box to give notes when doing narrative you can add the “script” or the line the character says
J-”rewind” or backwards or shuttle backwards
L-”fast forward” or shuttle forwards
I- mark in
O- mark out
Command+Z- undo
Spacebar: play pause
One frame at a time: hit the arrow keys left and right
Scrubbing is when you use your mouse to go back and forth in the video.
Cap lock allows you to hear the audio while scrubbing
Project window - settings - Keyboard this is a cheat sheet for shortcuts
NEW Shortcuts
V- insert or Splice in
B- override
D- is clear inputs
F- is clear outputs
G- is clear both inputs and outputs
The playhead acts like an “in” or “out” unless you have another “marking” on your timeline.
You can add a new video track by right clicking on the timeline window and clicking “add video track”
Command Y
New audio track same thing. (Command U)
To delete a track: right