Essay on Avoiding Plagerisim

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Avoiding Plagiarism Is it possible to avoid plagiarism? This is a question many students may ponder, but I believe that students can do so by following rules, guidelines, and a few techniques. Throughout this essay, there will be simple instructions on how students can avoid plagiarism and write a paper that can be called their own. However, it is imperative that every step is followed.
Honesty, in business, is the foundation of your clientele, because trust is what compels the customer to pay you for your services. You could be a salesperson selling someone else's product or you can create your own product, which others might enjoy.To avoid plagiarism, it is imperative that students follow the guidelines that have been put in place by the academic institution. These guidelines are an important factor in the future of each student’s success at any college or university.
The act of plagiarism is a serious offense and can be detrimental to the success of anyone’s academic career. According to Burkill and Abbey (2004), many students use other author’s work because they realize that writing from their own perspective slows them down; however, students must realize that this act is dishonest. After enrolling in a university, one of the most important factors of being a great student is avoiding plagiarism. It is important that students follow the proper procedures regarding plagiarism, such as, citing their source, along with providing a reference for each source. If all students follow these requirements, the consequences of failing and/or expulsion will be avoided. Every university has their own guidelines regarding plagiarism, so it is each student’s responsibility to consult the appropriate personnel to