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Away from Her by Sarah Polley

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Away from her
Question: Were Grant's actions honorable, loving, and considerate or were his actions selfish and immoral or were they something in between?
Answer: In Away from Her, Grant's actions were something between good and bad. Throughout the movie, he was very caring for his wife, Fiona. He loved her a lot. He used to visit her everyday in the nursing house in hope that she remembers him and the good times they had together. But unfortunately, she has forgotten him and she turns her affections to Aubrey, a man in a wheelchair. Starting from there, Grant doesn't know what to do. The following days, when he visits the nursing home, he becomes unhappy while seeing Fiona getting closer to Aubrey. Till here in the movie, Grant is seen as a very good person who didn't harm anyone to be deserving this from her wife. At one point, he even wonders that her wife's act is a punishment from God for his past sins. From there, there is a twist. Aubrey's wife, Marian,