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History 1110: Introduction to World History Room 3029 Social Science Building
Dr. Ryan Ronnenberg
Tuesday/Thursday 11-12:15 pm
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1-3 pm
Office: 4090 Social Science
Email: (Please do not use WebCT to email me)
Office Phone: 770-499-3463 Course Description “An overview of world history which provides an introduction to the origin and development of the world’s societies and their political, cultural, and economic traditions.” Course Aims This course attempts to bring together a large-canvas history of the globe since early hominids to the recent past. In so doing, it familiarizes students with the world historical perspective, both its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Assessment The assessments in this course consist of four online examinations taken through WebCT. These assessments will be part multiple choice, part short answer (not more than a sentence or two), in part a nod to the compressed time scale of the four week course. None of these assessments, save the last, are comprehensive. The course uses a conventional grading scale (detailed below.) A=89.5 or better
B=79.5 to 89.49
C=69.5 to 79.49
D=59.5 to 69.49
F=59.49 or below Academic Integrity Statement Every KSU student is responsible for upholding the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, as published in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Section II of the Student Code of Conduct addresses the University’s policy on academic honesty, including provisions regarding plagiarism and cheating, unauthorized access to University materials, misrepresentation/falsification of University records or academic work, malicious removal, retention, or destruction of library materials, malicious/intentional misuse of computer facilities and/or services, and misuse of student identification cards. Incidents of alleged academic misconduct will be handled through the established procedures of the University Judiciary