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Elevator Speech

Hi, my name is John Kho, and I am the founder of Dance Central Inc. I have only recently started my company about 6 months ago. Therefore, my business isn’t a huge hit yet but, with your help, I know that we can turn it into one of the leading corporations in the health and fitness industry. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the United States as of right now. I intend to put an end to that or at least decrease the numbers. My product is called the Dance-ogram 5000. It is a portable device, about the size of a regular ipod, which produces a hologram from the device itself and constructs a specific dance that corresponds to the beats of the song that you play from it. For example, if you choose a hip hop song, the hologram will do hip hop moves. The people who buy workout DVDs usually just watch the trainer in the television and follow their moves, but my product is different because I have found a way to trigger the cerebellum, which is a part of the brain that controls your muscles and body movement. There is a headband that comes with the device. This headband contains a chip that will produce electronuerotic waves that signals your cerebellum to move your body. The electronuerotic waves will come from the device and sends it orders, which would be the movements of the hologram. So instead of you moving on your own to work out the hologram is actually the one moving you. Your body will not be able to stop moving either until the song is over or you can use the voice command and say “pause, or play, or next song, and etc.” I have personally invested $50,000 of my own money into