Awesomeness: Gaia Hypothesis and truly Startling Component Essay

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10. The truly startling component of the Gaia hypothesis is the idea that the Earth is a single living entity. This idea is certainly not new. James Hutton (1726-1797), the father of modern geology, once described the Earth as a kind of super-organism. And right before Lovelock, Lewis Thomas, a medical doctor and skilled writer, penned these words in his famous collection of essays, The Lives of a Cell:
11. “Viewed from the distance of the moon, the astonishing thing about the earth, catching the breath, is that it is alive. The photographs show the dry, pounded surface of the moon in the foreground, dry as an old bone. Aloft - floating free beneath the moist, gleaming, membrane of bright blue sky - is the rising earth, the only exuberant thing in this part of the cosmos. If you could look long enough, you would see the swirling of the great drifts of white cloud, covering and uncovering the half-hidden masses of land. If you had been looking for a very long, geologic time, you could have seen the continents themselves in motion, drifting apart on their crustal plates, held afloat by the fire beneath. It has the organized, self-contained look of a live creature, full of information, marvelously skilled in handling the sun.” irresponsible land management and excessive use of agrochemicals and heavy machinery.
It may be hard for us to imagine, but over half of the world’s population does not have access to reliable and safe water supplies. In many parts of the world, clean drinking water is a scarce resource, and even in places