Awning Short Story

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A Is For Awning Memories?

Yeah, I got to admit maybe it wasn't such a good idea but hey it was fun…

It was the winter of last year, so 7th grade, and Maddie and I were always getting into trouble together, its true, put both of us together and you've got a problem. Well anyways, it was a Saturday night, just a regular Saturday night with my bestfriend chilling upstairs in my room eating pizza, and watching T.V. I guess we got bored, I'm not even sure what happened but all of the sudden I was like “Let's climb out of my window onto the roof,” which it wasn't even a roof it was one of those thin layers of metal that cover your porches when it rains, and is only held up by some wood... an awning, (no we weren't trying to sneak out we just wanted to do something crazy) but
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Maddie was freezing because she was standing on the awning with no jacket or shoes on, and it was like 2;00 in the morning! So I handed her some shoes and told her to try and get through the window. She had no arm strength so she couldn't pull herself up, and that's when I almost started crying, it was late at night, no one in my house was up and if my parents found out they would kill me, so I told her I would get a ladder, but she said no, she can't climb that far or else she will would fall through, so I immediately panicked I swear on everything I pulled out my bible and started praying. funny thing was she was actually pretty chill about the whole thing even though she peed herself, Maddie told me I was crazy and that a bible wasn't gonna help her, so I made her throw her leg up and over the window seal and pulled her in. She kept telling me to stop because it hurt but she was coming up one way or