Ayn Rand's Short Story 'The Happiness Hypothesis'

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“Camille, it's six o’clock on a school night. Why are you parked in my driveway?” my friend Olivia annoyingly droned. Honestly, this was not the reaction I was expecting, but she had a point. “Girl, just get in the car. We still have to pick up Kate, so come quick,” I said with slight demand. Luckily, she didn’t take any convincing and got right inside.
As we approached Kate’s house, I called her to come outside. She spoke with a sense of confusion and an aggravated tone, as she slugged out the words, “Do I have to put on pants?”
In a cheerful manner, I told her, “Yes, put some on some pants and come outside. We are going out.” In retrospect, I should have told them in advance to be ready, but the activity I chose was to surprise your friends with dinner. Wanting to keep it a surprise, I told them I needed their help for a school project; but when we passed the university and headed for the highway, they knew I was lying.
“So, what are we doing?”, Olivia questioned.
“I don’t care what we do, but can we get some food first? I am starving,” Kate begged.
To ease Olivia’s mind and Kate’s
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After four years of high school, and our weekly Friday night hang out sessions during our past month in college, it is rest assured that my friends and I have managed to “get this relationship right.” But how have we remained close friends throughout the years? The answer is simple: kindness. Within his novel, Haidt mentions that “Happier people are kinder and more helpful…” (173), but fails to discuss the idea of kindness further. After using one of my strengths and reflecting upon Haidt’s ideas, it is evident that successful relationships and personal happiness can be achieved through kind and altruistic