Jane Case Studies

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Jane Case Study
Audrey Yoder
Rasmussen College

In this case study, the father keeps beating Jane. Because this keeps happening, it is causing her to become a stronger woman. She learns that he is doing because of fear and learns to use his fear to her advantage by making him give her what she desires. She makes him feel guilty for hitting her so he buys her what ever she would like. She then gets married to a man that beats her as well. She then turns it around to make him give her what she wants just like she did to her father.
Jane acted like this because of the mental and physical pain her father had been causing her. She always felt like she was never good enough for him, and that caused her to turn against him. When she got married, and her husband started to do the same thing, it caused her to turn against him as well. She then learned to use their emotions against them. When she learned to do this, they stopped beating her and she then got what she wanted. She was using their own emotions against them.
If Jane’s father ever gets married, he will most likely beat his wife. She will either leave him or learn to use it against him like Jane. If she leaved then it will cause more mental damage than he already has. If she chooses to stay, she could learn to use it against him and still cause him more emotional trauma. The emotions he has that cause him to beat women need to be overcome. He should go see a psychologist and learn to overcome his fears. If he does this, then he will learn to overcome his fears and not beat women.
Instead of Jane getting married, She decided to go to college.