Aziazor: A Short Story

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A child was born in secrecy and shrouded from prying eyes. The mere thought of creating a child like him was completely prohibited. After being born he was given a amulet enchanted with a powerful spell to cloak him from being found. Engraved on the back of the amulet was his name Aziazor. His mother knew keeping him in the Aether would be ill advised. Making one of the hardest decisions she sent her son to live with his father among the humans, but she watched over him when she could. Though she would stay hidden not wanting to reveal herself to him and possibly bring him harm.

Aziazor's upbringing was relatively normal in that the amulet he always wore suppressed his power. But when Aziazor was seventeen he started to grow more curious
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Her terms were that as long as he wore the amulet she would return. So each visit Aziazor learned more about his mother and more about what he was. Around the fifth visit she started to tell him more about the magic he was able to do. She visited every month over 3 years teaching him something new with every visit. But as time went the visits became shorter until she didn't show up for 3 months in a row. Aziazor grew worried as the fourth month was coming to a end returning to his fathers to see if he knew anything. Nothing could have ever prepared him for what he saw as he got close to his fathers …show more content…
He winced in pain as a shard of the amulet sliced his hand. He covered the wound with his other hand before closing his eyes and speaking barely louder then a whisper. "[color=#2360dd][i]VIMAN[/i][/color]" A faint glow emitted from under his clasped hand as he felt a slight burning on his injured hand. When he opened his hands he saw a scar where the wound had been. He placed his hand on the ground in front of his digging his fingers into the dirt. Clearing his throat before he recited his next spell. "[color=#2360dd][i]LEVITHMONG NAZOR DAZI NENO[/i][/color]" His eyes started to glow a deep blue as the ground around his hand seemed to shake. He repeated the spell one more time draining him just a tad bit more. But when he looked up he knew it worked for a bird landed on his shoulder tilting its head to look at him. As he pulled his hand out of the dirt he had a worm wrapped around his finger. Aziazor unwrapped the worm before giving it to the bird on his shoulder. After the bird took the worm it ruffled its wings and took off towards the woods nearby at a slow pace. Aziazor rose to follow the bird hoping for it to show him where to