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Ethiopia Traditional Dances

Ethiopia has over 80 ethnic groups in the country and each group has a very unique form to perform this dances. Ethiopia's folk dance is a symbol of their mosaic culture. As years have passed by it seems the traditional dances is getting to be much popular than past. My three favorite dance are the Dance of Tigray, the Dance of Somali, and the Dance of Oromia.
The Dance of Tigray is an original dance from the southern and central parts of Eritrea . This dances is characterized by two-beat drum rhymes. Also, this dance is similar which a Japanese bon dance. When the dancers perform to dance, they have to perform many steps such as delicate neck motion, rhythmical shoulder movement, jumping steps, and so on. It dance is performed during August.
The Dance of Somali is an original dance from eastern Ethiopia. Also, People whom is living near the border to Somalia are Muslims. It dance is characterized by the Women are dancing with their hair covered with scarf and this emphasizes their beauty that modest women have. Also, Women dance with spreading their long skirts like butterfly. Men who perform this dance has to use a drum rhythm with elegant steps. It dance is also considered a ritual dance during the weddings. It is a very beautiful dance.
The Dance of Oromia is an original dance from Oromia region which is the largest in Ethiopia. Their dance styles are different depending on places where they are. It dance is characterized by the women’s very fast and sharp neck motion. Also, Women used to wear leather-made wild two-piece costume decorated with shells and Men used to wear fur skin like lion’s mane on the head and use stick for dance. In the perform this dances, we have some of famous dances such as “Shoa Oromo” and “Halar Oromo”. Shoa Oromo dance has unique costume especially in the steps. It is always perform during the carnivals on my city.
To conclude, the Traditional dances of Ethiopia are the fruit of our heritage that mean a