Essay about Aztec: Agriculture and Habersham County

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Pages: 2 ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- ffffffff.Times were diffi cult in Habersham County. Th e skyrocketing prices of fuel and food were threatening to bankrupt the Johnson family’s small farm, which was no match for the multi-million-dollar mega-farms that had been popping up all over the southeast. Joseph, the family patriarch, was especially troubled by the farm’s fi nancial circumstances. He knew that this year’s corn crop was his best chance to save the farm, and his distress was evident to his family as they sat around the dinner table.
“Michael, I’m going to need your help tomorrow,” Joseph said to his eldest son. “I have to go into town to pick up a part for the combine so I can fi x it before it’s time to harvest in a few months. I need you to spread the potash and phosphate on the corn because we’re expecting some rain by the end of the week.”
Michael, his mouth full of fried chicken, nodded in agreement. He wasn’t all that interested in farming, which over the years had been a point of contention between him and his father. At the moment Michael was thinking more about the time he’d be missing with his friends, but he also