Aztec empire Essay

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Changes in Conflict over Time- Europe and Russia Conflict over time has been, basically, for the same main reasons. The main reasons consist of hate, want or need of land, changing of the government, and freedom. Conflicts have been occurring ever since the beginning of mankind. There has never been a group of people who have not encountered a conflict. Although conflict between people has changed, the reasons have not changed, but only a little bit. For example, The Crusades, 1096-1291, between Christians & Muslims was fought over one of the main reasons. The conflict occurred because Pope Urban told the Christians from Western Europe to go to war with Muslims for Jerusalem. Again, one of the main reasons, want/need of land, was the conflicts “main idea”. But in the end, Pope Urban failed to take the land of Jerusalem, thus leading to more conflicts over land distributions in the future. Another one of my examples is the French Revolution, 1789-1799, between the people of France vs. the original government of France. The revolution occurred simply because the French people wanted a new government ruling so they started a revolution. Again, one of the main reasons, changing of the government, was the general idea if he French Revolution. There were many revolutions before the French Revolution, but in the end, the people did win and Napoleon claimed power, and there were many more revolutions after this one. Although conflict between people has