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TMA 4 John Lewis Partnership

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The business was established in 1864 and since become one of the biggest name in the UK retail industry. John Lewis is Britain's best-loved, most employee-friendly retailer (www.Theindependent.co.uk)

At JLP the staff turn over almost 50% less compare to other UK retailers. (Theindependent.co.uk 2009) This number indicates that the partners are satisfied with their position in the company.

A few points that partners can expect from the company as job security.

• Recognizing that information is the basis of democratic participation, the Partnership aims for openness, tolerance and freedom of expression. There must be full opportunity for enquiry, criticism and suggestion, even at the risk of controversy between Partners or outside the Partnership. No Partner should consciously fail to tell management what it ought to know. • The Partnership takes no account of age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, social position or religious or political views.

• Promoting Partners of suitable ability into vacancies rather than recruiting newcomers. • Partners in exceptional need may receive financial assistance, normally through the Partnership Council or other councils.

Career progression, training, professional development.

Partners also have the opportunity to rise through the chain for instance.

John Lewis is hoping to take on up to 20