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Executive summary
Westpac as the oldest financial institution in Australia operate their business widely. The company expands their core markets of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific around them, where provide a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of customers. Until now, the number of customer members arrived at 12 million customers. It is clear that Westpac would increase the position in financial market.

Table of Content
Executive summary 1
1. History 3
1.1 Acquisitions and merges 4
2. Products and Services 5
2.1 Personal products and services 5
2.2 Business Products and Services 5
2.3 Corporate Products and Services 6
3. Current State of Westpac 6
3.1 Financial Condition of Westpac 7
3.2 Performance on Balance
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More specifically, on request different amount, times of withdrawals and purpose, personal loans have Westpac flexi loan, normal personal loan, car loan, personal overdraft and temporary overdraft. Same as personal loan, home loans are divided into fixed, variable, combination of fixed and variable loans and even the package loans. Another basic product of Westpac is the bank accounts, which include savings accounts, term deposits (Westpac, n.d.).
2.2 Business Products and Services
For business products and services, it also has the basic operation, bank accounts, saving accounts, credit cards and business loans. Due to the characters of the business, business loans contain vehicle and equipment finance, small business loans, commercial business loans and agribusiness loans. Different to personal loans, business part also concludes merchant services, which have EFTPOS, mobile payments, online payments, payment gateways and not-for-profit merchants. Moreover, for business international trade, Westpac also has foreign exchange, cash flow management, export services, import services and Westpac trade finance. Westpac business part also sets up superannuation and insurance for industry (Westpac, n.d.).
2.3 Corporate Products and Services
For corporate products and services, Westpac offers about debt market, transactional banking, international trade, foreign exchange, commercial cards, and commodities, carbon and energy services. In debt