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Service Request Part 1

Service Request Part 1
Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer with facilities located in: Albany Georgia, Pontiac Michigan, Hangzhou China, with a research and development department located in San Jose California. This establishment has produced an annual earning of forty-six million dollars. Riordan Industries, which is the sole owner of Riordan Manufacturing, is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of one-billion dollars. Key stakeholders in this company include CEO Dr. Michael Riordan who is the founder that has the main focus of how the company is performing and running. The Director of Human Resources, Yvonne McMillan who coordinates
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Building our own software will require adding more employees to the IT department and will take time but our chances increase in having the setup we want with an easy-to-use graphical interface. These are different decisions we need to make when setting up our newly integrated system. And finally, implementation and operation is the final phase. In this phase we can see where we are having glitches and bugs in our new system. Every new system will have some sort of bugs; but once it is up and running organization and money will increase and in less time. Some key factors that will ensure information is successfully gathered are to ensure there is interaction between end-users and the IT staff. It is highly important that there is constant communication to elaborate any faults or ideas to improve the system. The IT staff must be well aware of system problems and/or glitches that need to be fixed. Management must also be on board with any and all changes or upgrades. Champions are an important part of key factors to ensure information is successfully gathered. Champions are high-level managers that can obtain resources and necessary exposure as the leader of the project (Analysis, 2007). Project scope is the understanding, agreement, and the effect of integrating a new system or project in a company. Everyone must understand why and how the company will improve in upgrading to a new system. There must also be the agreement that it