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Assessment Tool 2 (AT2): Written/Oral Questions
1. List some of the details outlined in an operational plan.
An operational plan, also known as an action plan, is derived from an organisation’s strategic plan. It is a more concrete, detailed document that outlines how the strategic plans of an organisation will be achieved in practice. It includes projects to be undertaken, actions, resource policies, responsibilities and timeframes. It outlines the actions teams/individuals within an organisation will take to achieve its objectives and also outlines any major projects within the relative time period. An operational plan will contain details of:
• Organisational structure
• Short- or medium-term business strategies
• Major projects
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5. Today, more and more businesses understand that being successful is about more than just economic performance, but that it is also about their environmental and social performance. They are aware that increasing use of the Earth’s natural resources places a strain on the planet. Responsible businesses are, therefore, making every effort to ensure that they use resources efficiently. What does the term resource efficiency refer to? Identify five things an organisation could do to reduce the amount of paper and energy used and wasted.
Resource efficiency refers to maximising the supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively, with minimum wasted effort or expense.
Five ways an organisation could reduce the amount of paper and energy used and wasted could include:
1. Improving purchasing
Cleaner production starts with cleaner procurement. Buying recycled materials can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Give preference to products that are designed for long life, are reusable or recyclable, and are made and packaged with minimum material.
2. Improving storage
Only store what you need. Good inventory management can save money. Keep all storage areas uncluttered, clean and clearly labeled. Avoid keeping empty containers, unless they have a specific use. Establish clearly signed, segregated areas for appropriate