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Self-Awareness Analysis
March 19, 2015
Self-Awareness Analysis
An emotionally intelligent individual manages personal situations and relationships with balance and care. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and author, believes the four domains of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and the combination of the above. When these four domains work congruently it stabilizes an individual in both work and home relationship (Goleman, 2013). A human service worker offers an effective service to the client when socially balanced and focused on developing healthy levels of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is demonstrated both in the workplace and at home by how situations
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Knowing ones strengths and weakness therefore facilitates a healthy interaction between colleagues and other professionals. One example is working alongside others and recognizing what one colleague may excel at and where the individual may struggle to perform a task. Together both the self-aware individual and the colleague work toward the task to achieve it and succeed. It is also critical to seek alternatives, separate colleagues from the actual problems, and create solutions through compromise (Levine, 2013). Confidence and success is manifested in the workplace by using self-awareness techniques to understand strengths and shortcomings, and also remembering self-management lends to not becoming distressed, but working to improve personal capabilities.
Human Service Professional The human service professional works in a broad area of tasks, personalities, and challenges. Utilizing the four domains will assist a professional in controlling behavior around difficult clients or with clients who are from diverse backgrounds while eliminating personal biases. It is better not to offend or upset a client due to not understanding how to manage a problematic situation, and using self-awareness helps with limiting the human service worker by taking the opportunity to refer the client to a more appropriate and fitting service. It is equally as important to focus on meeting the client’s needs, not making it about oneself, and being open to changing ones values to assist those