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Society has undergone a massive change in the last few decades, with respect to both economic and social environment. And this change has affected people of all age groups, starting from children and adolescents to the young, middle aged and old. The pressures to perform either at school/college level or at jobs are enormously high. Tinged with competition, technological advancement as well as the increasing materialism, and hence with changing norms for social status and respect has set people into a mad frenzy of desires.
With these changing definitions, people now are unable to define needs, wants & desires. What maybe was a luxury in yesterday’s generation is a need in today’s generation. But what people fail
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The boy’s parents are still bound mentally in their times and they are unable to cope up with these changing times, and have expectations as were expected of them during their times , sometimes trivial issues becoming major factors for a break up. I personally know of a issue in my friend’s family, wherein an argument broke over an issue, of excessive salt being put in Dal. The argument took such major proportions, and so many other underlying issues came up that my friends elder brother and sister in law left the house and took up a house outside and separated. Funny and sad too. But what needs to be introspected, is what proportions a trivial issue took to. Was it really worth it? An issue of momentary discomfort which could have been just ignored. So also the girl’s parents in a bid to be over protective about their daughter keep interfering in her family life and adding fuel to fire. I know of another trivial issue which could have been solved between a couple, but because of the interference of the girl’s parents, which further fuelled the ego in both sides, and it finally ended in a divorce.
So what are the basics to keep a relationship or marriage ticking:
1) Both need to accept that however similar interests they share, they are basically two different individuals, hence differences are bound to crop up sooner or later. Also like some famous author said “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”..hence their