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BA 3301
Rahul Baboo
Court Observation Paper
The Case number was 1344346 was held in Project Court 1 on the twentieth floor. The Judge Name was Price. The date I attended was 03/09/2015. The case name was State of Texas Vs. Joseph Facundo. The type of hearing was Jury Trial and Capital Murder.
A girl was in the jail had a charge for capital murder of killing a twenty-one years old guy. The girl name is Amber Thorne. She was born on August 28, 1989. She lives at Sivilermill in Katy. She was arrest in December 2011 in Katy. She had one child. She was the plaintiff and Joseph was defendant. She was graduated from Mayrick High School in 2007. She works at signature dry cleaner. She is addicted to drugs from age seventeen thru twenty-two. She was involved in cocaine, pills, and Manawa. She got caught for theft case and a charge for capital murder on December 29, 2011. Russell Lopez was the guy who got killed. She also has another charge for robbery too. Amber’s lawyer was brown. She wanted to satisfy for capital murder because she didn’t killed Russell but she just there. She had two friends name joseph and tony. Russell was the supplier for the drugs. Her two friends and her get drugs from Russell. She always goes to Russell for drugs that she always brought weekly. Then she met tony and joseph in the empty house next to her house. So they had a plan to rob Russell house because Russell took Joseph gun and did not give it back and they want more drugs. These three friends didn’t have any money so that why they called Russell to trade Tony’s laptop for 3 bags of cocaine. They went to his house and they started talking to Russell. Russell was feeding his little baby. Where he put the three bags of cocaine front of them; then Joseph pulled a hammer and hit it on Russell head. Russell fall down then Joseph hit him ten more times. Tony gathered all the children in one room and tied them up. The little baby was in Amber hand. When Russell was down; they started taking his stuff and putting it in Russell truck. They stole the gun, jewelry, money, and TV. Amber went to check on the kids. Tony and Joseph drag Russell in his room and cut his throat with Joseph’s sword. Joseph told Amber don’t look here. They were in Russell house’s for fifteen minutes. They ditch the truck on the cliff after the murder and robbery. Then tony burned the truck later after they took all the stuff and put it in the empty house next to amber’s house. Next day she was started selling the jewelry for money. They also robbed Russell’s black safe so Amber took it to her friend house’s David to open the safe with a swear driver. She received couple thousand dollar from the robbery. The under cop named Coffman arrest her for robbery and capital murder.