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Elias Rabeh
BA 421
1 February 2015
Manchester United Soccer Club Nicholette Larson is the tournament director of the Machester United Soccer Club and is responsible for organizing the clubs first summer tournament. During the first meeting, the group managed to brainstorm a lot of ideas but without a plan or much guidence. “What emerged was a free-for-all of idea and suggestions.” With everyone attempting to share their opinions, the meeting went on unorganized leaving much work to be done on the scope of the project. Developing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) may put things into perspective and get the project on to the right track. To start, some of the projects main deliverables are the fund raising that needs to be done, finalizing a venue and the tournament logistics (ie date, time, location), screening to figure out what teams will plan and to finalize what reward will be given to the winners. Broken down, the major deliverables are as follow:
1. Soccer Tournament
2. Looking for sponsors
2.1. Contact possible sponsors of local organizations
2.2. Conduct sposorship presentations
2.3. Finalize with agree sponsors
3. Establish a field
3.1. Contact local high schools and colleges to inquire about fields
3.2. Select a field
4. Selecting Referees, teams and recruiting an artist for designs
4.1. Finalize entry fee, cost for referees
4.2. Advertising referee and team posistions
4.3. Select well qualified referees and screen teams, select an artist
5. Collect Money from sponsors and teams
6. Tshirts and Sweatshirts
6.1. Design merchandise that includes MUSC and company sponsor logos
6.2. Print designs on tshirts and sweatshirts
7. Equipment
7.1. Purchase medals
7.2. Purchase regulation sized soccer balls
8. Finalize tournament rules
9. Finalize schedule
9.1. Finalize day of tournament and match schedule
9.2. Advertsie day and schedule
9.3. Tournament day
The first meeting seemed chaotic and unorganziaed. Being that this is the club’s first summer tournament, Nicolette does not have much precedent to go off. The WBS helps organize the project by breaking down the necessary task. It helps with the evaluation of cost, scheduling and the allocation of resources. In the opening meeting, members stressed the imporance of screening teams, entry fees and trying to find a field as soon as possible. These key parts of the