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Cheng Hui
BA 495 capstone is a class that analysis business strategy for case study in a real situation. The project that we are carrying on about analysis for Portland Radio Project that has helped me develop the four university goals. There are four university goals involving reflection on critical Thinking, communication, social responsibility and diversity. Our group consists of four members; each member has his work on one part of the project. Every week we make appointment to discuss our project that realizes every member has more responsibilities on this project. During this project, I feel that communication is vital part of a group and our group member do not do well in this part. This project is also helping us to get more human experience because it’s a real business. In this project, we did the external, internal analysis and business strategy for Portland Radio Project. During the process of doing this project, it helps me improve my critical thinking and communication because I need to communicate with my group members.
Critical Thinking
The goals of this project is to help Portland Radio Project get more fundraising. For the goal, out team get a serious mistake. We were on the wrong track about our project.

Communication This project has enhanced my communication skills because there is great quantity of work need to do with group members. It’s not an individual work; I always get suggestions from my group members. When there are conflicts in group, communication is a good method to deal with it even though our group doesn’t have this situation. Not only group needs communication, after presentation we need to discuss with classmates and Abdul about our analysis and researches.
On the other hand, we also communicate through technology such as emails, phones and Google doc. There are lots of types of communication such as body language, eye contact, and gesture. During our discuss, I can understand whether my group members agree with me or not through their eye contract. When doing the presentation, body language, eye contact and gesture is also important for audience to focus on the presentation. Through these three presentations, I improve my eye contact and gesture during the presentation. In my first presentation, because of nervous I didn’t have any body contact and eye contact with classmates. After the rest presentation, I try my best to improve my communication skills. In the past presentation in other classes, I always took note cards to do the presentation. After the encourage of my group, in order to be more professional, I try to do the presentation without the notecards even though I still nervous.
Diversity of human experience
Before the start of the project, I had little human experience but through this project has helped me to gain human experience. There are six members in our group and they have different characteristics. I need to deal with the relationship with each group members. In addition, I need to deal with the relationship with Pizza Nostra. On the other hand, during our presentation, I need to pay attention on my classmates’ facial expressions. When doing the presentation, people have different kinds of facial expressions such as interesting, boring, understand, misunderstand and etc. from their facial expressions we can know what kind of parts we need to improve in the next presentation. Furthermore, reading the facial expressions of different kinds of people is very significant process after entering the society. We need to notice that who are mad at you and have conflict with you.
This project helps me to get more experience on business. As accounting major students, I don't have too much experience on