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Description of the Elements of the Business Analysis Framework
Element of BA Framework
Questions Addressed
Documents/Template/ Technique/Diagrams
Enterprise Analysis – answers the question “Why should the organisation embark on the new project initiative?” Once goals and target measures are identified, EA activities then involve investigating alternatives and selecting the ones that, together, best meet these goals.

BA requirement
Understand the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation to ensure that new projects fit the long-term strategy and/or mission of the organisation.
The business analysis activities necessary to identify a business need, problem or opportunity, define the nature of a solution that meets that need, and justify the investment necessary to deliver the solution.
Activities the BA uses to gather and document information about proposed new projects in order to help the organisation select projects and make go/no-go decisions.
Assessing whether a new initiative fits within the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation
Begins after the organisation’s executive team has defined its strategic planning role
End after project outcomes are measured and analysed
Define Business Needs identify, refine and clarify business needs to state why a change to organizational systems or capabilities is required review the assumptions and constraints of the new business need to ensure that the correct problem is being solved and the widest possible range of alternative solutions is considered.
Assess Capability Gaps (Structure, People, Processes, Technology) – assessing an organisation’s current capabilities and identifying gaps that would prevent the organisation from achieving desired outcomes.
Determine Solution Approach – conducting feasibility studies to determine the optimum business solution approach
Define Solution Scope – scoping and defining the new business opportunity.
Define the Business Case – conducting the initial risk assessment and preparing the decision package
Business Goals & Objectives (done when defining business needs)
Enterprise Architecture Assumptions & Constraints
Organisational Process Assets
Requirements Stated
Solution Performance Assessment
Stakeholder Concerns
Business Case

Business Need – a type of high-level requirement that is a statement of a business objective, or an impact the solution should have on its environment.

Required Capabilities

Solution Approach

Solution Scope
What is the value of the project to the business as compared to the costs of developing the solution?
What is the overall level of risk associated with the proposed project in terms of cost, time, and quality of the business operations?

What problem or opportunity is facing the business?
What is the desired outcome?

What are our long-term plans & objectives?
What is our business strategy?
What is the current environment (the “as-is”) from business, technological, and external perspectives?
Who are the relevant stakeholders?
What are the current capabilities of the organization?
What are the new capabilities of the organization?

What approach will be taken to implement the new set of required capabilities?
What potential solutions are available?
What is the economic, operational, and technical feasibility of each solution?
What is the recommended solution?
What types of solution components will be delivered?
What methodology will be used to deliver these components?
What information is required by senior management to select and prioritize projects?

How does the proposed project align with the strategic objectives of the organization?

What are the project’s high-level requirements and scope?
What are the project’s related assumptions, constraints, and risks?
What are the project’s major milestones and funding requirements?
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Matrix