Babe: Mother and Tom Essay

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Zelie Kohmetscher
Period 1 English

Have you ever deal with someone in your life that you love or want to love but the closer you get the farther they push away. In the play “I never sang for my father” Tom, does exactly this. Tom is in his late 80s, married to a loving and caring wife named Margaret. He has a son, whose name is Gene and also a daughter named Alice. Tom does love his family but he didn’t exactly have the best childhood. When he was very young his father got drunk and left a lot. To make things worse his mother died at a young age, so he basically lived on the streets. It was extremely rough for him. Tom shows how controlling he can be a lot throughout the whole play. An example was how he kept trying to stop Gene from moving far away. Because tom knew that if Gene left he would then not be able to see him that much as much as he really wanted to. Tom didn’t like what Gene really wanted to do and tried to control the situation by stopping him. He even went like way to far by going up to Gen and telling him that going away would kill his mother, even thought that wasn’t even true. Another thing was how Tom was trying to tell Gene what do like all the time. When kids come to that age when they are adults their parents don’t exactly have the right to control them anymore or tell them what to do. For example, when Gene was just about to leave his parent’s house. Gene had been driving like the same route home for about 20 years, but still Tom apparently found it necessary to tell Gene like the exact route in detail on which way he should go. That right their shows that Tom wants to control his own life and pretty much like every life around him. He doesn’t care at all about others opinions and only wants things his way and his way only. In the play you can kind of already tell that Tom isn’t exactly the best of guys. Another bad characteristic of Toms is he is very emotionally detached. Example of this behavior was during and after his lovely wife Margaret’s final moments. When Margaret got sick and was sent to the hospital, Tom got Gene to leave his own mother to go out to a club with him. Gene was pretty darn surprised cause while his own wife sick and close to dying, Tom was just going to leave, not showing and emotion what so ever. I mean you would thing he would care about his own wife but no. He just acts like his normal self, not upset or unhappy. And he keeps on rambling about his life story to anyone who would listen while attempting to find the best deal on Margaret’s coffin. And if was possibly sad deep down inside, he of course chose to not show it. That is pretty much why he is emotionally