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Hello. My name is end i am a senior at Whitesboro High School. Since a very young age, I have strived to get good grades and work hard. I have also taken that hard work and placed it into the community. About a decade ago my family founded the AlS walk and run of utica that occurs once a year, in order to raise money for Lou Gherigs Disease. I have volunteered and walked that, also the Heart Run and Walk, The Boilermaker and the Relay for Life at Whitesboro High School. Every Thanksgiving i also spend my day preparing and serving food at the Rescue Misson to people that are unfortunate enough to not be able to buy a dinner themselves. About a month after Thanksgiving, every year during Christmas time i play the saxophone during traditional Christmas masses held at St. Johns church in Utica. I also play here every Good friday and Easter. I have played the saxophone since fourth grade. I spent a year running a boot camp for kids at Marcy-Deerfield pop warner to help them loose weight for their season. I was chosen to be involved in the National Junior Honor Society in ninth grade. During ninth grade i took honors english and social studies and eleventh grade i took and completed an AP Biology course. I have played many schools sports during my school years including Varsity Football, Varsity tennis, lacrosse in ninth and tenth grade and have also played basketball for CYO. My future plans are still undecided yet i have a very strong interest in physics and