Babes: United States Public Debt and Government Sequestration I . Essay

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The purpose of the report speech and outline is to begin developing your business speaking skills - specifically, the ability to identify and articulate key information from another source. This is accomplished by finding articles about a current topic of your choice and constructing a 3 to 4 minute speech which succinctly and accurately reports the information you have discovered about that topic. The assignment requirements are as follows:
1. Your topic must be based on reports from two (2) articles from major newspapers or newsmagazine. Ideally your topic or current event is dated within the past two weeks. You may use other sources as supplemental material only in addition to your two articles.
2. Wikipedia, blogs, twitter feeds, social media pages, etc. are not acceptable as your primary sources.
3. You must attach to your outline the articles on which your presentation is based. NOTE: One of your articles must be obtained through the Morris Library Database system via Lexis-Nexis, Academic Search, or similar database indexing current periodicals.
4. You must type your outline and indicate which database you used to find the articles.
5. You must use the format provided for the structure of your outline. Each item in the outline is ONE complete sentence. Do not use fragments, phrases, or single words.
6. Double check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
7. When presenting your speech, you are allowed no more than TWO 3x5 notecards.
If you have any questions, don't understand the requirements, or need other assistance, please talk to, Sakai message, or go see your instructor. Government Sequestration
I. Introduction A. Intro- I will use an example from my Dad’s recent business encounter pertaining to the issue. B. Purpose- These cuts affect businesses and jobs across the country as well as our overall economy. C. Thesis- In order to take necessary action to reduce our nation’s severe debt, the government is implementing “Sequestration” to make immediate spending cuts that may have a more negative effect on the economy than intended. D. These cuts are scheduled to begin Friday March 1, 2013 and will continue to grow and change over the next decade. E. Transition- After the national debt has been kept on the backburner for years, Congress has…