Babies: Sociology and Babies Essay

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Babies “Babies” by Thomas Balmès is a documentary that follows the lives of four babies from birth until their first birthday. The babies are all from different places around the world two being from urban areas, Mari who is from Tokyo and Hattie who is from San Francisco. The other two babies are Ponijao who is from Opuwo, Namibia and Bayar who is from Bayanchandamn, Mongolia are being raised in rural areas. Throughout, the documentary, the viewers learn about the similarities and differences of raising children around the world and they also learn about their day-to-day lives. Mari and Hattie are raised a lot differently then Ponijao and Opuwo as they have access to a lot more technology and resources. Ponijao and Opuwo are raised in more natural and adventurous environment; their mothers allow them to explore their surroundings alone or without close supervision. The documentary looks at the socialization of the children and how they have similarities and differences in various parts of the world. The babies in the rural area seem to be socialized more from nature and with peers in their community compared to the babies raised in the rural areas who are socialized through their parents and stimulating toys and activities. Also, “Babies” looks at the different cultures around the world and their approach on raising children right from birth up until their first birthday. Hattie and Mari’s cultures are very modern and don’t value the outdoors as much as the cultures Ponijao and Opuwo come from thus the difference in their childhood. Since the documentary is looking the social development of babies in different cultures it relates to both sociology and…