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Baby Boom!
One big situation that Europeans had to face in the past was the black plague. The black plague killed approximately 30-60% of the population of Europe during the year 1348. Since back then, the population of Europe has been declining a lot. Most of the people left Europe because they were afraid of the black plague, Leaving Europe with a very low percentage of population. In addition, decline of population occurred in Europe also because World War II, in 1939. The World War II left more than 60 million of killed people, which was the 2.5% of the population of the world back then. As result, people started to migrate to another country in where they could find freedom and peace. Of course the biggest example of that is the United State in where all the immigrants found what they wanted.
Nowadays, Europe is still suffering the aftermath of The Black Plague and The World War II and fields like education, taxes, and economy of its countries have been affected in a very bad way. Little cities, towns, and provinces have no young population and they birth rate is very low, in some cases less than 10 % for the whole city, town, or province. The government had to make new plans for preserving the future generation and their territories, but those plans are still in words and not in facts.
Only old communities live in these cities, towns, or provinces eliminating the needs of education. There are no children to go to school, so there is no need to have professors. Most of the population is already educated, and if they are not they are too old to get educated. Most of the schools are empty and there is no need to hire people to operate it since nobody goes to it. This affects specially employment and education. There are no new projects of school buildings and there are no plans for employment. This kind of societies tend to be over because if the old population dies there is not more people to run the place any more. As part of the solution that the government is offering to this cities, towns, and provinces a quite good amount of money for women to get pregnant. They also offer more money for enroll their children in schools, and they also are