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Essay- Year-Round Calendars Summer Vacation- the one thing every student and teacher counts down as soon as school begins. In a child’s point of view, summer is the only free time off from school, and the time where they can kick back and relax. Only recently, schools are switching calendars to a year-round schedule. Having a year-round calendar would be more desirable as opposed to the traditional three-month summer vacation in various ways. It would allow students and teachers more breaks within the school year, help students retain information, and students would be able to spend more time with their peers. One reason the calendar should be year round is because soon as the bell rings on the last day of school, students begin to forget everything that they learned during the school year. When summer kicks off, children and teens believe that it’s the time to slack off, sleep in, and watch Netflix. Kids do not practice schoolwork during the break, and some don’t even bother to pick up a book. This would not be a problem if the school calendar was year round. It would allow a student to retain more information due to the constant studying and practicing of one’s lessons, and it would give teachers a balanced time to teach something to make sure each and every student understands the topic. This would be very beneficial to both the school system and to the student. Considering that your grades would become higher, you would be able to spend more time with your peers. It is certain that almost every student becomes uninterested within the first week of summer, and they secretly long for summer to be over so they could see their friends again. If the new calendar gets summer out of the way, this conflict will be forgotten then kids and teens would always be inclined in school. Having more frequent and balanced breaks are better for a student because they would be able to see their friends. When children see their peers, they are less likely to get fatigued because they would see them during the school year. Thus creating another reason the year round